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Recordings of the Radio Free Europe program broadcasted during Hungarian Revolution '56 have been found in German archives, digitalized and made public. more
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About this site

This forum is intended to facilitate communication among scholars, archivists, and all others working on or interested in the history of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

There are many conferences, research projects, archive collections, and informal exchanges devoted to this history, but no forum currently exists where those involved with these issues could easily exchange experiences, register new projects and publications, report on archival collections, and register requests for assistance.

This forum has several subsections. NEWS  is a place to describe research projects (underway or prospective); to register news about relevant archive collections, including but not limited to RFE/RL’s official depositories, as described at:;   to list books, articles, and other publications, both traditional hard-copy and also electronic. COMMENTS is a place to exchange general information about RFE/RL history, for example obituaries of significant figures in that history. DOCUMENTS is a place to upload new documents or photographs relevant to RFE/RL history.

This forum has been launched on a trial basis to see if it can facilitate communication among those working on or interested in RFE/RL history. Comments on how it can be improved are solicited.

A. Ross Johnson
Andrzej Borzym 

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