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Recordings of the Radio Free Europe program broadcasted during Hungarian Revolution '56 have been found in German archives, digitalized and made public. more
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The Eagle Cage
1960 Crusade for Freedom / Radio Free Europe Fund film details the visit of 60 "Trippers", who visited RFE in Munich and Gloria, Portugal, plus the Iron Curtain on the Czech-German border and Berlin (before the Wall). Richard Cummings comment: "Propaganda, if you will, but still a fascinating look at RFE in 1960 in both Munich and Gloria, Portugal". 27'25
Ronald Reagan for RFE
A young Ronald Reagan explains in television commercial the new funded Radio Free Europe initiative and encourage to contribute for Crusade for Freedom. 0'56
This is Radio Free Europe
This 1964 film, narrated by Polish broadcaster Andrzej Krzeczunowicz, gives an overview of Radio Free Europes news-gathering and audience research, its production center in Munich, and its transmission operations in Germany and Portugal. Produced by the Free Europe Committee, the parent organization of Radio Free Europe, the film helped publicize RFE in the United States. It thus includes solicitations for contributions to the RFE Fund, successor to the Crusade for Freedom, which helped finance RFE. 28'17
Radio Free Europe tv ad
Radio Free Europe television ad from 1960. 1'01
RFE Press Statement, 1994
Document from June 1994. RFE Director Robert Gillette announcement about ceasing Polish and Czech operations in Munich and founding new broadcasting entities in Warsaw and Prague, which should continue Polish and Czech language services. read
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