Recordings found
Recordings of the Radio Free Europe program broadcasted during Hungarian Revolution '56 have been found in German archives, digitalized and made public. more
May 2012 - The Month of Radio Free Europe Polish Service

The Senate, the upper house of Polish parliament, during the sitting on the 2nd of February 2012 passed an unanimous resolution declaring May 2012 the Month of Radio Free Europe Polish Service.

The anniversary of the Hungarian uprising 56

On November 3, 2011 at the Polish Radio in Warsaw took place the conference on 55th anniversary of Hungarian Revolution. One of the main topic was the role of Radio Free Europe in those events.

60th anniversary of RFE Bulgarian Service

The Bulgarians celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of the regular broadcasts from their own department of Radio Free Europe. The exhibition and scientific conference has taken place in the country’s capital - Sofia.

Visegrad Fund grants

The Open Society Archives, custodian of the RFE/RL research materials, has obtained a commitment from the Visegrad Fund to support short-term research fellowships at OSA for work in the RFE/RL and other collections. The announcement is at link

Please forward to others who may be interested.

Origins of the Swiatlo Broadcasts on RFE
The paper depicts the origins of broadcasts with Josef Swiatlo, a senior Polish secret police official, who defected to the West in December 1953. His revelations of terror within as well as by the Polish secret police and Communist Party led to a shakeup of the secret police apparatus and helped prepare the way for the Polish October in 1956. The paper by A. Ross Johnson is a expanded text of remarks presented at the Conference “Radio Wolna Europa w walce z komunizmem” [Radio Free Europe in struggle with communism], which was held in Warsaw, November 6-7, 2009, in connection with the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of the Regaining of Freedom and Collapse of Communism in Central Europe. read
Radio Free Europe and Its "First" Audience, the Polish Communist Establishment
Jane L. Curry, Professor of Political Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, Ca., shows the evidence is that many officials in the Polish police and Party listened covertly to Radio Free Europe. The then Polish elites used Radio Free Europe and other external media as a source of information and argument in internal battles; foreign radios influlenced even in all probability their decision making. The paper was prepared for the Conference “Radio Wolna Europa w walce z komunizmem” [Radio Free Europe in struggle with communism], which was held in Warsaw, November 6-7, 2009.  read
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